A picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area. Image Credit: Pixabay

Location and mission

iBraille LLC is a Braille accessibility and usability testing and consulting company. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, close to global center of technological innovation that is Silicon Valley. Our proximity to some of the most influential technology companies in the world provides us with great opportunities to collaborate in advancing accessibility globally.

We empower organizations of all types and sizes to achieve universal design. We believe that by making products, services, and environments accessible and useable by everyone, organizations will be able to reach their widest possible audiences and significantly improve operational efficiencies, while also ensuring compliance with evolving accessibility requirements. To that end, we seek to live by this ethos by providing unparalleled services designed to comprehensively test Braille accessibility and usability, as well as consultation on accessible design incorporating Braille and tactile. In addition to helping drive innovation in accessibility, our company actively promotes Braille literacy.

Our Founder

A photo of Stevie Wonder and Mussie Gebre. Both men in dark suits: Stevie is wearing a pin striped dark suit, black t-shirt, and has a gold pendant; Mussie is wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and a striped black/white tie. The men are holding hands.

Picture of Stevie Wonder (left) and iBraille LLC Founder at the White House on October 8, 2010 for the signing ceremony of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.

As a child who came to America for an education, Mussie Gebre needed a way to become literate. He never learned to read or write in his native language, as he could not read in print. This changed when he discovered the beauty and joy of Braille. His mastery of Braille has had a profound impact on Gebre’s life. From a humble beginning in a poor, war-torn country, Braille empowered him to attain personal and professional development he never dreamed possible. He sought to give back by making a difference in the world through technology, one of his life’s passions.

With more than two decades of his career spent in the Assistive Technology field, our Founder and CEO has a keen understanding of the vital role that technology plays in bridging the accessibility gap. While the world’s well-known technology brands such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft have radically transformed the way people live and work, he spent decades helping people with disabilities access technology in order to participate as much as possible in many aspects of daily life. However, he found that as mainstream technology underwent rapid change in the 21st century, especially with the widespread use of artificial intelligence, innovation in accessibility lagged far behind. To address this significant challenge, he volunteered years of his service to provide extensive accessibility and usability testing for a host of major technology companies, eventually founding iBraille. To learn more about our services and how they can greatly enhance the way you do business, please visit our Services page.